Peaty's LinkLube Dry 120ml Bottle

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Peaty's LinkLube Dry is a superbly reliable, wax-based chain lube designed specifically for conditions ranging from sun-scorched desert dry to mildly damp terrains. Its unique water-based formula includes a variety of waxes that ensure a long-lasting, noise-free, and fluid chain ride.

For those seeking a chain lube that is capable of performing in wetter conditions, you might want to consider the LinkLube All Weather variant. The All Weather option is perfect for a wider range of climatic conditions, with a base carrier fluid known for its fast-penetrating and chain-cleaning properties.

Using a water-wax composition for chain lube in dry conditions is ingenious for several reasons. When applied appropriately, the wax fills the links and rollers of your chain with a durable, smooth coating that lasts incredibly long on trails without sticking to dry dirt or dust.

Appling the LinkLube Dry requires your drivetrain to be thoroughly degreased and dry. If your chain is grimy, dirt and old lube can obstruct the new lube from lubricating vital areas of the bike chain. It's vital to rid of any residual oil-based lube to prevent unwanted effects such as reduced durability or premature blackening.

You are advised to degrease thoroughly before applying a fresh layer of lube to eliminate any remnants of old oil. To achieve this, consider using the foaming drivetrain degreaser, particularly designed for new chains to remove stubborn factory greases. After degreasing, rinse your chain meticulously with clean water and allow it to dry completely before applying the LinkLube Dry.

Please apply the lube to the inner face of the chain only. The lube’s light blue hue helps you track areas where the lube has been applied. Keep the chain cycling for about 20 seconds to ensure the lube penetrates sufficiently into the pins and rollers. Check for any over-application and if observed, cycle slowly through your gears a few times to distribute the excess lube onto the cassette. The lube turns clear, indicating the evaporation of water, which varies depending on weather conditions - it could take a few minutes on hot days to a few hours in cold and damp conditions.

Caution: Do not get LinkLube, or any other lube, on your brakes or brake pads. Ride safe, ride long with Peaty's LinkLube Dry.

Sizes 120ML BOTTLE
Brand Peaty's
Barcodes 5060541581913
SKUs / Part Numbers PT-PDL-120

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