Nox Composites

Nox Composites was founded in 2012 by two engineers who share a passion for mountain biking. The two founders have over 30 combined years of research, development and engineering experience. Both of them are also part-time athletes with experience racing mountain bikes all across the southeast. They both knew firsthand the benefits of carbon fiber wheels but felt the current offerings were lacking in several areas and were at price points that made them unavailable to most riders. They set out to create rims that had all the features they wanted with none of the negatives.

They produce high quality carbon rims for every application, XC, enduro, DH, road, gravel etc. We have race tested (and crash tested!) them ourselves and now wouldn’t run any other rim on our bikes.

Nox rims come with an amazing warranty. They are covered for 2 years against rock strikes, so if you accidently case a landing and crack your rim Nox will replace it free of charge! After that you are covered by a lifetime crash replacement policy saving you hundreds if the worst happens.

There are loads of build options, any hub, spoke, nipple etc. Give us a call and we can advise what would suit your riding and go through the options.