Genesis Road Bikes

At Genesis, our philosophy is simple – bring to life the sorts of bikes we enjoy riding. Luckily for us a good fair few of your share our thought path!

We’re not the biggest out there but our size does afford us to take a few risks; namely to push through bikes that bigger companies might deem too fringe or oddball to ever grace their range. If we enjoy riding it and think there’ll be enough folks out there that will too, then its fair game in our eyes! We’re sticklers for detail, going to the nth degree to try and wring out every last bit of performance whilst keeping things accessible.

Materials snobs we are not, and, depending on what’s best for given bike and intended usage you’ll find carbon, Titanium, steel and Aluminium all used across the range to good effect.

The Madison Genesis Pro road team had enjoyed huge success over the past few years aboard the Genesis Zero. Why not drop in for a test ride and find out why!

Genesis has a large range of gravel bikes in all frame materials. Gravel bikes are ideally suited to Irish roads, the bigger tyres and disc brakes give more comfort, safety and the ability to ride on any surface.

Here is a small selection of the Genesis range, for more info and pricing please contact us. Everything can be ordered over the phone and delivered next day.

Also you can click the link below to have a look at their full range.

Genesis road bikes:

Genesis gravel bikes: