Why Choose Revolve?

At Revolve we believe we are a new breed of bike shop. We are rider owned and run and passionate about bikes and cycling. Below are a few reasons we believe set us apart from the others:

  • Rider Owned & Run - There is nothing better than advice from someone with first-hand experience, and this is what you get at Revolve Bike Shop.
  • Professionalism - We treat cycling very seriously and we are committed to getting people on the right bike. We will NOT sell someone the wrong bike for their needs or the wrong size frame. Everyone who buys a bike needs to be sized for the frame and the bike must be fitted to their body; otherwise you won't get the most out of the bike and could end up with aches & pains. We continuously see people on the wrong size bike or with bikes set up completely wrong from their body, this unfortunately is a result of inferior quality bike shops and can do more damage than good.
  • What We Stock - We do extensive research into everything we stock. For example, each bike we have on the floor has been compared to numerous other models from numerous other brands to make sure it is the best value and quality you can get in that particular price range. We will not sell any product taht we deem to be low quality. This doesn't mean we are expensive, it means that we have researched and chosen well, where other lesser shops have not put the time or effort into their product choices.
  • Selection - We are the biggest and most modern bike shop in the south east with the greatest choice of bikes and products. We also have the expertise to accurately advise you as to what suits your needs.
  • Mechanics - Peter is highly trained, experienced and has qualifications from independent bodies. Peter oversees all mechanical work to ensure all work is of the highest standard. There is no job we can't handle and we make a point of not selling anything we can't fix or get parts for. Our workshop is one of the best in the country and there isn't a tool we don't have.