Why choose Revolve Bike Shop?

Revolve Bike Shop is the premier bike shop in the south-east of Ireland for the sale and repair of all types of bicycles.

Managing Director and Head Mechanic, Peter Sinnott, has 18 years of experience working in bike shops across the globe.

This wealth of experience puts Revolve Bike Shop ahead of the competition; offering customers an unparalleled  level of service, standard of workmanship and quality of product.

Every product that we stock is hand-picked by Peter to ensure it is of the highest quality and offers value for money. Every year brings a brand new range of bikes and bike products and each year Peter painstakingly studies each bike and product to discern the best quality and value for money for our customers.

This attention to detail and genuine passion for providing the best product on the market, means that Revolve Bike Shop is one of the most highly acclaimed and respected bike shops in the country.

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